The Wild River

The Taugl demonstrates its creative power. The water is continuously changing its course. Gravel and sand are carried along and redeposited elsewhere. Many small habitats come into being and are then destroyed - a highly dynamic landscape.

The river undermines the bank slope on the cutbank; the material is deposited on the opposite slip-off bank. Islands are formed. During floods, however, the course of the main current can change. A large boulder may be in the way, a tree trunk may fall into the river channel...

Video: Lifeline River Taugl - wild river in autumn, 2015

The Tauglgries wild river landscape is a European Nature Reserve in Salzburg, Austria. It is changing its face during the year. In this video we show pictures from the center of the area from Augst 31st to October 8th, 2015. In autumn less water is in the river, changing very quickly after rainfall. Then, the river is expanding and covering more and more of the gravel bed. Driftwood and furcation shows us the dynamics of the wild river.
Don't be confused because of the wrong year in the time stamp of the camera. It had been done in 2015 (not 2014).

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