Natura2000 Lebensader-Taugl-Tauglgries-1 Not far from the city of Salzburg is a unique treasure chest of nature, the Tauglgries. In the district of Bad Vigaun and Kuchl, the Taugl flows over the gravel deposits from the Osterhorn mountain range in the flat landscape of the Salzach Valley. A crystal-clear river flows through the stream bed, forking and then merging again. In the lower region, the water vanishes deep into the gravel bed in the summer.

This Tauglgries wild river landscape with its lavender willow scrub and adjacent forests is a European Nature Reserve. Here we find rare and characteristic animal and plant communities.

The Tauglgries is home to a multitude of species that are typical of wild river landscapes. Along with unique grasshoppers, spiders, cicadas and other insect and arthropod species, these include bird species such as the shy little ringed plover.

In 2000, over 32 ha were declared "protected landscape area under the Salzburg Nature Conservation Act". Lebensader-Taugl-Gebirgsstelze

The Tauglgries has been a European Nature Reserve established under the Flora-Fauna Habitat (FFH) Directive of the European Union since 2007. With the expansion in 2012, it now has a total area of 50.65 ha. The Tauglgries is part of the European Natural Heritage and in the Natura 2000 network. Lebensader-Taugl-Tauglgries-3

  • The Tauglgries European Nature Reserve
  • Gray wagtail
  • The water comes and goes. In the lowermost section of the Tauglgries just before the expressway bridge.