You are welcome to visit the "Tauglgries" treasure chest. We only request that you obey a few rules. So that the diversity and uniqueness of this sensitive region can be preserved and sustained!

Nature has priority

Lebensader-Taugl-Stopp-1 Please stay on the marked trail, especially during the critical period in the spring and summer!

During the most sensitive time for the gravel nesters, a sanctuary zone was set up in the central river bed. You may not walk or drive on it from 1 April until 31 July. The location of this summertime prohibited access zone can be seen on this map. map. It is clearly designated by signs at the site itself, and by overhead markings in the upper region of the river.


Note: The European Nature Reserve is under surveillance by the Mountain and Park Ranger Service.


Why must I keep out of the riverbed?


By entering, building campfires and camping, you would directly invade the living room of the animals that live here. Such actions have serious impacts, for example on strictly protected birds such as gravel nesters and on other living things as well:

  • You will destroy the egg clutch (by stepping on it) Can you find the eggs?
  • The brood will perish due to your prolonged presence in the immediate vicinity of the nest.
  • You will interfere with nest searching, brooding and caring for the chicks.

And what´s about my dog?

Lebensader-Taugl-Hund Animal lovers such as dog owners like yourself will surely understand that a dog running loose will panic wild animals and birds. The birds will try to "decoy" the dog and lead it away from their nest or the chicks. Eggs and chicks will thus be left on the gravel unprotected, often for a long time. They will be exposed to adverse weather and may become overheated or chilled. In a worst case scenario, the parents will not return to their clutch and will abandon the brood. And you surely don't want that to happen, do you?

A careless step can destroy a great deal. Please keep this in mind and help preserve and improve the last habitat in our province for these animals. Many thanks!

May I build a fire?

No, lighting fires is prohibited!

Furthermore, the Tauglgries is part of the water protection zone near the Tauglbrunnen spring. The Tauglbrunnen spring supplies the province of Salzburg, from the central area to Flachgau, with ultra-pure drinking water. Any form of pollution that we cause here can endanger our drinking water!

Please leave the driftwood alone. It is part of the Taugl wild river ecosystem.

Where can I swim?

Lebensader-Taugl-Baden-2 A swim in the cool water is certainly an impressive nature experience. The best place for an undisturbed and non-disturbing swim in the Taugl is in the uppermost region near the Roman Bridge ("Römerbrücke"). The flat stones are enticing places to relax. The best way to get to this natural swimming area is from the Kuchl side.

But keep in mind that very important areas for grasshoppers are located directly downriver. They are especially sensitive to trampling.