Visit the Tauglgries and the "Lifeline Taugl"!

The Tauglgries is not only a refuge area for rare animal species, but also a place where nature can be experienced. In the scope of a leader project, the area along the hiking trail from Bad Vigaun to the Roman Bridge was designed to allow people to visit the Tauglgries without disturbing the animals of the nature reserve:

  • The habitats and the inhabitants of the Tauglgries are introduced to visitors along the "Lifeline Taugl" Theme Trail.
  • Children can romp on the Nature Experience Playground and learn about nature in the truest sense of the word.
  • An observation deck with a telescope allows a closer look into the dynamic river bed. Here you are welcome to observe the animal world of the Taugl undisturbed.
  • Information centers and a wild river deck invite visitors to look, read and learn.

 Nature has priority in the Tauglgries

The birds nesting in the Tauglgries need areas undisturbed by humans, in which they can forage and raise their young. Hence there are special rules for your visit to the European Nature Reserve: Lebensader-Taugl-hund-2


  • Access to the riverbed in the central area of the Tauglgries is banned from 1 April to 31 July.
  • Please follow the signs and stay on the marked trail!
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash!


Suggested tour

Anfahrt-und-Parken On this family-friendly hike you will experience fascinating animal and plant species, you can enjoy a swim break near the Roman Bridge ("Römerbrücke") and see Salzburg's oldest bridge. Lebensader-Taugl-Rundwanderweg-Tauglbach From the Bad Vigaun village square, take the village road to the expressway underpass, and then head left to the Taugl floodplain (Taugl Au). Follow the trail through the "Tauglgries" nature reserve, it starts as a forest road and narrows to the nature trail, which takes you up to the Roman Bridge nature monument. From there take the walkway across Langgasse and the Feldlweg (trail no. 6) back to your starting point.
How to get to the Tauglgries.

Open times

The "Lebensader Taugl" [Lifeline Taugl] Theme Trail is accessible year round. The different seasons offer interesting glimpses into the annual cycle of nature. The trail is not cleared in the winter, hike at your own risk! Wear good, sturdy shoes.

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