Natura2000 Lebensader-Taugl-Flussregenpfeifer-1 The little ringed plover nests on open gravel plains of natural rivers. Its nest is a barely discernible depression and the eggs are perfectly camouflaged. Because the wild river landscapes with their gravel plains are rare, the bird is forced to switch to gravel pits.

This gravel nester can run surprisingly fast. It is endangered by recreational activities, gravel excavation, and flooding. These things destroy many of its broods.

In Salzburg the little ringed plover is a rare and endangered breeding bird in the Flachgau and Hochfilzen regions and is very locally distributed in the lower Salzach Valley. Actually now we know of about 10 breeding pairs. This means that in Salzburg this former common river habitant now is nearly extinct.


Sparrow-sized (ca. 15 cm), with a brown back and a white breast, a short, dark-colored bill, brownish-yellow legs, and black eyes with yellow eye rings.