Lebensader-Taugl-Schmetterling The Tauglgries is home to many animal species. Many are endangered and protected. As attentive and quiet visitors, we can discover the large and small treasures of the animal world.

Trout and grayling are active swimmers. European bullheads hide on the bottom. Fire salamander larvae develop in pools of residual water. Lebensader-Taugl-Forelle-2

The hot-dry gravel plains are a paradise for arthropods such as spiders and insects. Snakes such as the long Aesculapian snake and the Austrian smooth snake have their hunting territory here. Dippers and wrens enjoy being near the water. The great spotted woodpecker likes the natural forest.

European hares enjoy the fresh new greenery in the riverbed. Bats fly through the forest at night.

Let us enjoy the diversity of forms of this unique region as quiet and unobtrusive observers!